Monday 1 November 1999

Mis dertives chesument.

meta-date: Mon Nov 1 21:07:00 1999

Another day down. Everything wrong. Bought a Xentrix album - hoping it would measure up to "For whose advantage?" it didn't. Bought a couple of "My Dying Bride" CDs - the new one was quite good - like Gothic/Shades of God period Paradise Lost. The older one wasn't much cop though. The Rob Zombie remixes and the Inkubus Sukkubus discs were all damn good though - so not a total waste of money in Tower this morning. Listening to a bizarre Christmas track at the moment. I'll have to listen to the cover of Delilah on the other disc later - delightfully bizarre. Everything wrong. What do I do right? Am off Wednesday and Thursday - might go and get my eyebrow pierced. Time to submerge myself in music for a while - can't seem to loosen up and say what I feel at the moment.