Thursday 4 November 1999

Ssersur proced reates.

meta-date: Thu Nov 4 18:06:00 1999

Bugger - mum has beaten me to the bath - there won't be enough hot water for me now.  A pity - I worked up a bit of a sweat when I got lost in Hemel earlier and currently stink.  That was fucking stupid.  Thought the station was somewhere other than it was - ended up trapped in suburbia for half an hour - floundering towards civilisation (if you can class Hemel Hempstead as civilised).  Talking of fucking stupid, I bought the wrong CD in  HMV earlier - picked up one by Midnight Oil instead of Midnight Configuration. D'oh.  Maybe it will be OK...  Or more likely not...  Don't understand why Midnight Configuration are filed under Rock + Pop, but Inkubus Sukkubus are filed under Heavy Metal.  The other way around would make more sense.  I have built up my IS collection really quickly - five CDs inside of a week - would have been all 7 if I could find the other 2.  Away with the Faeries is limited edition, so I will probably never find it - Wytches should be possible to find sooner or later though...