Wednesday 10 November 1999

Lovedion amsie siderable venerates commator.

meta-date: Wed Nov 10 09:04:00 1999

What started out as an update to my profile turned into something more.  A real rant from the heart.  I'll put it here as well as on match...

There's a you shaped hole in my spirit.

My heart tells me you are out there. My soul mate. Perhaps you seek someone to share the pain and thus lessen it. Perhaps you seek a grounding influence for your airy nature. Or perhaps you are nothing that I would expect. You seek both spiritual and physical satisfaction - the latter is nothing without the former. You are not perfect - nor am I - but the whole is more than the sum of the parts. I love with all my heart or not at all. No half measures. I am a night person - will you share that or will you teach me to delight in the day? We will talk by moonlight. By candle light. By the light of the television screen as we watch cheesy B-movies. We will share the moment of glory as the sunrise ignites the horizon. We will laugh and it will make the whole world shine like a jewel. When we argue we will be like demons - but the reconciliation will be divine. I believe you are there. Am I a hopeless romantic? Yes. Does it cause me pain? Certainly. Do I want to change? Not a chance.