Monday 4 October 1999

Able dwations relocia jenniting reminizi.

meta-date: Mon Oct 4 20:15:00 1999

The following is an in character entry from my favorite Everquest character - Gurr the Ogre Shaman. Me iz gonna start again in Everquest. Me iz gonna be Gurr again - dere nothin quite like bashin da lizzies in da forest. Ogres iz lotsa fun, specially da shamans. Gurr iz a good shaman - he can make purty lights and everything. He is plenty tough too - it not be long until he is bashing froggies in Guk. Me not be able to team up with me friends ta begin with - but dere iz plenty of Ogres and Trolls to be friends with in da forest and da swamp. Me can go north to da little uns' lands when me iz bigger. Me gets da Bind spell when me is 14th season - den me can hunt anywhere. Me gets homesick though - so me not stay away for too long. Dey not very friendly in humie cities either. Dey not like us Ogres. Jus' coz we eat dem sometimes. Wot iz wrong with dat? We only eat dem becoz dey tastes so good - dey should take it as a kom... komplim... a good thing. Me likes high elf best - dey is really tender. Must be coz dey never do any work - dey just stand around saying how good dey iz. Dey sure talk purty, but dat not make dem very tuff. Dwarves iz tuff - but not when you soak dem in beer fer a bit. Me mum taught me dat recipe. Me likes to cook stuff, and to brew stuff. One day me want to be good enuff ta brew da Ogre Swill dat me daddy used ta drink before he went blind - we never did figure out why. Only use for a blind Ogre is da cookin pot - he sure tasted good. Me is a real life shaman now, me haz got me first spells and everthing. Me soon be bashing things very lots with me big stick. Dem humies think dey is smart - but dey can't bash as much as Gurr can.