Wednesday 6 October 1999

Chiver barovoki merculed ital.

meta-date: Wed Oct 6 06:31:00 1999

An idea for an EverQuest joke piece: I've soloed to 24th now and I'm only a couple of bubbles from 25th and still can't find a group. It was fine soloing up to 15th, but then you have to move out of the newbie zone - when you get into the real world you start to notice how nerfed this class really is - and the problems just grow. My tinkering skill is up to master now, but I haven't gained any useful skills, and I can't seem to find any guild trainers for this class. Most of the people I know have quit their character and started over, but I have put too much time into this to quit now. There seems to be some sort of bug with the interaction system too - every time I try to talk to someone not on my friends list I go linkdead. If only someone had let me known the benefits of the other classes when I first started out. I probably would have chosen this class anyway though - I wouldn't be able to keep up the role-play with anything else for long. The gods of RL really need to tune the Geek class so it's more use in a group - or at least make it easier to solo.