Monday 25 October 1999

Emen tabilitol venanosier.

meta-date: Mon Oct 25 22:01:00 1999

Bizarre daydream fantasies on the way back from the train station. Get back home to find a beautiful woman waiting for me on my doorstep - shivering in the cold. We go inside and warm up by holding each other. She tells me that she has been dreaming about this for months - I let her know that I have too. We stay like that for an hour or so and then she goes home. I buy her an EverQuest account and she starts a dark elf necromancer character. I start a dark elf cleric to help her power level to 12 - when we get there my cleric decides the militant life is not for him and retires to the spires to live out the rest of his days worshipping Innoruuk in more passive ways. This enables me to return to Gurr. Even in daydreams I cannot imagine a relationship getting more serious than a hug. And an online gaming partnership. I am very very sad.