Thursday 21 October 1999

Sss laysigh achemised ates.

meta-date: Thu Oct 21 17:27:00 1999

Broccoli. Fistfuck. Has anyone seen my watch? I sicken myself sometimes. Barely conscious. Automaton. Music pulses. Underground in the rush hour. The voices urge me to kill. I sometimes wish I heard voices, or had multiple personalities. It would be company. I would probably just mock myself for being such a cunt though. Beef. Velvet. Tacks. Cocoa. Bovril. Full circle. Urn. Ashes in my mouth. Scarf. Pin-stripe. Herring. Don't feed the fish. Let them starve. Then choke on their bones. I want a bigger coat. Something less shit. Time for some un-planned shopping. Top heavy fractions and long multiplication and integration by parts. Guesswork. Brownian thought. I wanna fuck everyone in the world.