Tuesday 5 October 1999

Arciless corropropri socinea mating.

meta-date: Tue Oct 5 17:21:00 1999

Quiet as the grave. I have only got as far as Blackfriars - I should be much further than this after 45 mins of travel. Tempted to get off and go for a KFC. Argument at the doors. I couldn't get out if I tried. You would think that rush hour travellers would understand that sometimes you have to let a crowded train go past. Yay! Seat! Bloke right next to me got out - maybe this won't be such a bad trip after all. Argument not as heated at this station - only one more and then fast to St Albans. Silence descends again as we pull away from the station. Giving another night of my life to EverQuest tonight - should be able to get to sixth level without too much hardship. I may even be able to break the spawn at a lizardman camp at fifth to fasttrack me to sixth - or even seventh - the xp probably isn't good enough to take me that far tonight though. I should be able to manage a scout only camp at four if the spawn is broken, but foragers and mystics would still be tough. Maybe if there's someone else low level on tonight we could team. I wonder if I could use the guards to break the spawn - if I got them to chase me to the guards I could probably break things up by a little bit. Worth a try at least... Even with this primarily rp character I am using power levelling techniques. Wouldn't work with a mystic as they would blind me - it would be difficult to run to the guards blind... I could possibly go kill kobolds for a while at 4th to toughen myself up. Should be able to get plenty of xp from spiders then too - there are plenty of them about - and no competition for kills. I can probably go all the way to fifth just on spiders... I'll try any all scout camps though, too good an opportunity to miss. If I could find flash of light I could blind a caster and then run to the guards while he runs away - this will kill the others from the camp with a bit of a gap before the caster dies. Sounds cool if it works.