Monday, 4 October 1999

Azess skinn sensucca aves.

meta-date: Mon Oct 4 11:15:00 1999

Half a bowl in a new pipe - even that I can't manage. Probably because the bowl isn't broken in yet. Tobacco tastes scorched by the end of it. Shake it out and cover myself in ash. PDQ was out of order at Tower. Was funny watching them try to figure out how to use one of the manual card machines. Random CD purchases - one I wanted and two that I had heard the name of the band before and felt like hearing what they like. Looked at the DVD release of Blue Velvet. No extras and a stereo soundtrack. Doesn't bode well. It has a Dolby digital logo, but says pcm sound. I wonder which it is - it can't be both. I guess I need to wait for a review. In my own world. If it was a nicer place people might come and visit, but instead I have a world of shit. At least I can always take solace in coffee. Giving with no expectation of reward. Skippy. Skip skippety skip it.