Monday 4 October 1999

Civinti pomposurp onally.

meta-date: Mon Oct 4 08:53:00 1999

Where to start? I like puppies. Nice and meaningless. ICQs that are oh so cute. Advice to hug someone at least once a day. Sure - right after I win the lottery. Cheered me up though. Don't know why. Incredibly bad teamwork yesterday. I should have stuck with my Ogre char. Has anyone seen my corpse? My god comes in a wrapper of Styrofoam. Mmmm... Coffee. Would you kill for coffee? What type of coffee? Non-sequitur. Swordfish. Don't warn the tadpoles. Whatsa matter for you? You crazy! Of course you realise this means war! Train. One quick derailment and this could all be over, knowing my luck I'd come back even lower on the ladder. Something in my eye. Trees. I like trees. I don't like the sun in my eyes though - that pretty much sucks. More coffee. I think I'll visit Tower this morning - it's quite a while since I've been there. Noodling around. Can't be bothered to do anything meaningful. Life sucks. Accept it and move on. People who say different are just lying to themselves and others. Hate. Fuck. Roar. Vision of the lion from the wizard of oz. Onion. Wish you had a heart tinman? Take mine - not in very good shape but should be ok as a fixer-upper. What the fuck am I talking about? I. Me. Nothing. Zero. Lack of beard reminds me of school - walking down the corridor to shouts of "Mango-head". Taunting others is easy. I taunt myself, which is just as easy, but less rewarding.