Sunday 31 October 1999

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meta-date: Sun Oct 31 09:40:00 1999

Woo!  Time for the spooky Halloween issue.  Or not.  It's a little too early in the morning to be spooky.  Was just playing System Shock 2 - goddamn that is an atmospheric game - almost crapped myself when a big robot appeared out of nowhere and my pistol jammed after my first shot.  Eek!  Another night in alone.  But I don't mind.  I will watch some dodgy movies and play on the computer and listen to Darkwave music.  Bought Hearbeat of the Earth by Inkubus Sukkubus yesterday - Celtic Folk Metal is how I would describe it.  Very goth.   I also bought the Exorcist on DVD - got it home only to find that it's a fucking flipper!  Aaargh!  Oh well, bored of this now - time to do something else...