Monday 25 October 1999

Directrea barroun reafect ioning acrespedago.

meta-date: Mon Oct 25 10:44:00 1999

So much bottled up inside. I can feel the pressure building - but the words won't come so I can't let it out. Sitting here waiting for the train to pull out. NIN providing the noise. An argument going on elsewhere in the carriage - can't make out the words - but can feel the intent. Empty inside - what can I use to fill? Mind blank. Train moves off. Emotion in motion. I hate rhymes - yet I use them anyway. Difficult to hold my coffee and my Palm at the same time. What is the opposite of an activist? A passivist? Nothing means anything anymore. I physically can't believe in anything - especially myself. Paths to the perfect future thinning whenever I make a wrong choice. Many worlds theory implies there an almost infinite number of me out there in the multiverse that are happy. Doesn't help this particular me though.