Thursday 28 October 1999

Homests slayerses diplimplet.

meta-date: Thu Oct 28 22:01:00 1999

Too pissed off to sleep at the moment, so I'm going to write a nutshell review of American Pie. High school coming of age comedy. I usually like that sort of thing - but despite very funny dialogue I find myself depressed by the overall storyline. Moments like when he fucked the pie, the cum in the beer and the shitting scene were hilarious. Alyson Hannigan's transformation from geek into dominatrix satisfied fantasies I didn't even know I had. But overall it is summed up best by the sentiment: Only complete fuckwits who piss themselves in public make it through high school with their virginity intact. Wonder what that makes me - nearly 25 and never even kissed a girl. I feel shallow writing this. Meaningless sex isn't what I want (although I am a bloke - so obviously wouldn't turn it down if offered) I just want something to fill the emptiness within. Not something - someone