Thursday 21 October 1999

Demidway atis suppleving shootherne.

meta-date: Thu Oct 21 17:04:00 1999

Empty day. I am drained by the mediocrity. Time for some shopping. Eyes boggle. Cackle. Let me out. Meep-meep. Jungle lizard salad ball hoop death la mini-skirt schizophrenia furby ewok axe tree leaf druid monolith ibm elite. Mallet's mallet. Tennis. Pain. Where are the good memories? Go fuck yourself. Too tied up in myself. I am shit. Up against the wall for your final request. Coat. I hate trains. I don't hate trains. I change my mind. I have no mind. I have no soul. I have no worth. Flawed. Jagged tear. Scar. I would give nothing. My problem. I don't like change - my own fiercest opponent. Recursive nemesis. Biorhythms at nadir? I don't know - it's ages since I've charted them. It's all shit anyway. Wallowing in badger shit.