Wednesday 13 October 1999

Wines researani imantays.

meta-date: Wed Oct 13 17:38:00 1999

New zone. Shafted. Fuck it all. Fuck this world. Fuck everything that you stand for. Fear the noise. It infects. Humanity is a virus. Plague. I. No. Not. Never. Ever. Infinity welcomes careful drivers. Get the fuck out. Repetition. Stale. Break the crust to find the void within. Illusion spoiled. Better off not knowing. Track. Drainage. Gravel. Suffocation. An oblivious eye watches over. Disinterested guardian angel - why try to help when the worst will happen anyway? Only make things worse. Introspection. Yellow. Puke. Nausea. I churn. Perpetual motion. Ineffectual emotion. Infectious lotion. Insects. Butterfly collection. Killing jar. Turtle. Gun. Fake. Serpent liberation front. Hot. Cold spell. Blessed be.