Friday 22 October 1999

Jelly grounwiel rusose.

meta-date: Fri Oct 22 06:12:00 1999

A ticket check. That's a novelty. Looking forward. Fear Uncertainty Doubt. Sweat. Leather, hazelnuts, gunpowder... sex. You're nothing but a dirty carbuncle - festering in the corner. Piss off little witches. Aeon Flux. A ripe harvest of quotes. Felt obliged to put that in in case someone recognises the lines and assumes that the original stuff here is quotes too - just from things they haven't seen/heard... Why do I care? If someone thinks I am an unoriginal cunt then I certainly can't argue - it would be a bit hypocritical seeing as I think that too... Manifest inferiority. A seat at last. Don't know why I acknowledged the source above - I have quoted without acknowledgement before. Unreliability is my lifeblood. Unpredictability sounds better - but is it accurate? Lack of consistency. Wherever there is a way to say something with a positive or negative twist I will always choose the negative. If opposites attract then I should be fighting off beautiful women with positive personalities. Oh wait - opposites attracting is a physics thing. It's governed by logic. No way in hell it's gonna be useful in the real world. I will let you down. Undependable. Do I not care because I have nothing to care about - or because I am incapable of caring?