Wednesday 6 October 1999

Inial retralizat bivalidify anoisio interdict.

meta-date: Wed Oct 6 18:26:00 1999

Raised a laugh in the EQ newsgroup with this mornings entry - I don't get time to read many of the posts by other people. I have to work - it's a pity I can't just play EQ all day - some people make a good living by doing that - 1500+ dollars for about two weeks work for a L50 character. It's crazy what people will pay just to look cool - buying a maxed character means that you miss most of the enjoyment of the game - most zones pose no danger to a character that powerful. I have played the first few levels about seven or eight times now, and it's been a blast every time. Hopefully I should be well into fifth level by the time I log out tonight - a new spell level - my first DoT - a decent DD - my first de-buff. Kick ass. If I can break a lizardman camp I may even make 6th and some change. Loot from a LM camp would get me all the spells I need. Spiders first though - I will bash them all to get back at them for all the times I have died over the past couple of nights - then I will bash the lizzies because they are invading my homeland.