Sunday 31 October 1999

Ros blan ized.

meta-date: Sun Oct 31 18:12:00 1999

Bored again.  Seem to spend most of my life bored.  Well - the bits that I remember anyway.  Probably my fucked up selective memory again - I tend to censor the good parts because they don't mesh well with my self pity and make me feel like a moaning fuckwit (no-one likes being faced by the truth).  I seem to be using the word fuckwit a lot recently.  A good word, I like it.  Listening to Inkubus Sukkubus again. Crazy... but nice.  Yeah.   Watched a very good manga series earlier today - Blue Sonnet.  Very good story, but the Japanese need to include naked teenagers at every opportunity is a bit excessive.  Whoops, showing non-blokish sentiments again.  Can't have that, what would the neighbours say?  Still wondering what films to watch tonight.  Exorcist is a definite - not as annoying a flipper as I thought - the film is all on side 1, with extras on side 2.  Must be a 4 layer disc.  At the moment White Zombie and Witchfinder General are running ahead in the stakes.  That would mean no vampire movies though, you can't have a Halloween film fest without vampires :(  How about Dracula again - makes it into a bit of a Lugosi-a-thon - but Halloween without Bela is but a shadow of it's potential glory.  Quick, call the men in white coats, he's getting poetic again.  Time to stop the music, turn the lights off and start the movies...