Tuesday 5 October 1999

Haully treageo burrow nuinenten tyle.

meta-date: Tue Oct 5 06:35:00 1999

Back to the Feerot forrest last night - there were only two other low levels in the zone - makes it easy to begin with, as I don't have to share the spawn - it'll be a bit tougher in a couple of levels though :( there should be plenty of people around my level in the swamp by the time I'm ready for Guk though. There was a group of high levels killing guards last night. It's a good job that I don't often run for the guards - mainly because there isn't much that spawns nearby. They should reduce the experience that guards give - it could be a real problem if I was in a zone like Innothule, where running to the guards with a horde of froglocks on your tail is a regular occurence at lower levels. Everquest rules my life at the moment. It's a lot easier than real life - I know the rules. I even talk to strangers sometimes. The quality of people will be higer among the Ogres and Trolls - quite bizarre really. The k3wlios choose dark elf if they pick an evil race. There seemed to be a few among the barbarian people - names like pottymouth, rhinolove and juggajimbeam spring to mind. I may be doing them wrong though - judging them on their choice of name - not everyone goes to a book on celtic mythology to get a name for a barbarian character. I have to admit that I quite liked the name pottymouth - brought a smile to my lips on several occaisions. She may even have been one of the few female characters that has a female on the other side of the screen too - most of the shemale characters are less subtle than that.