Monday 30 August 1999

Angeramman match reprograph.

meta-date: Mon Aug 30 10:47:00 1999

Fun, fun, fun. A train ride to the carnival. Am meeting the others at Charing Cross - a computer crowd again. Hope there's not too much shop talk - I try to stay away from computer talk at weekends. Hah, says the guy that spent most of yesterday and this morning on Everquest. Actually I did take a fair amount of offline time - enough to watch "Get Carter" and the new B5 movie. Not as bad as Matt said it was, but certainly not the best B5 thing ever. Time to put that cash cow out to pasture, she's all milked out. Hope he doesn't screw up the comic he has just started writing - it had a promising first issue. Finished reading the big book of Grimm this morning. Superb. Silence - no music anyway - just the sound of the train on the tracks. Pulling into Kings Cross now am going to be very early. No matter - I'm sure I can find something to do. Need the loo - back in a tick... Relaxed. Doctors again tomorrow - hope the BP is still low. What can I do at Charing Cross? Bookshop outside is good for wasting some time. Could get another coffee. If the bar is open I could get a beer. I wonder what the bank holiday opening hours are...