Friday 13 August 1999


I seem to be managing to pick all the good ones first - Congo Bill - I thought it was going to be some story about a giant monkey - should have known to expect more from a Vertigo mini-series. Black ops, unexplained murder & mutilation in the jungle investigated by US intelligence operatives. Harsh. Cool. No cinnamon syrup left - a black coffee replaces my usual latte. Damn good coffee! And hot! I think I'm about due for another Twin Peaks marathon. I wonder if I could watch the whole lot in one go. Large pot of coffee to accompany me - from memory there is about fifteen hours of it. If I was to start Saturday afternoon then I should finish early Sunday morning. The ending would be pretty damn cool after sleep deprivation - it's enough of a headfuck when you're awake! Sounds like something to keep me occupied tomorrow. Cool. You're the truth that I've been seeking - 'cause my whole life I've been lying. Only you can make me whole - just one touch - you complete me. I love this CD - I keep seeing it advertised as "the new Stabbing Westward album" - it's not new - it's a reissue! It was new about six months ago! Train time again. I am not your saviour - I am just as fucked as you. She said she didn't want saving in her very first message. Lost soul. No answers here. Does anyone have a map?