Thursday 12 August 1999


Clear, yet unfocused. Warm fuzzy feeling replaced by shivers - only to return minutes later. Prince Charles looks about 947 in a picture in the guy next to me's paper. He will be senile by the time his mum pops her clogs. Darting around all over the place. A nice soothing rain - not too hard, not too cold. Today I love life. Bizarre. Train pulls away - mine is next. I've got to concentrate on advanced features of project management software this morning. Train. How much will I take in? More than I expect - I always do. I am at one with the machine. Sometimes I wish everything in life was based on logical rules - I would actually be able to contribute socially without feeling awkward - without the lows the highs would be hollow though - not the dizzying spirals that they are now. I am dizzy now - I want the spinning to stop, but am hoping that it will pick up pace.