Friday 27 August 1999

Lookings hazacident sardize.

meta-date: Fri Aug 27 22:21:00 1999

Here I go again. Time moves on, the surroundings stay the same. I have booked a couple of days off - a tattoo followed by a visit to see my new relation. Almost said nephew - would have been a bit of a faux pas - it could be niece. Will find out in just over a week. Self centred devil spawn - this makes me durable. I love this album (Sexless Demons and Scars by Jack off Jill). Going to the carnival Monday - Dan is calling me on Sunday - assuming he can get his phone sorted out - otherwise he will be SMSing me. Or using a phonebox. Plutocrat. I feel weird having money left at the end of the month. It's not really my money - it's credit - but that doesn't really matter. I can still spend it if I want to. Super asshole, super nothing. Wash off the scabs dear, or fingernail pick them clean. Do you want to hate me angel, cos I hate you now you're gone. Lost in music. Devil has a black dress so her arms can bleed. Gone. More quotes than content. London bridge. Time for food.