Sunday 15 August 1999


meta-date: 199908150833

Diane - some things we cannot find anywhere, but we dream they can be found in other people. The woods are wondrous here - but strange. Nadine's return to childhood is the product of a twisted mind. This whole program is an act of twisted genius. Andy Brennan is a whole damn town. Too much moisture is an invitation to disease. Are you looking for secrets? The dull rumble of the waterfall soothes. I wish I was there. The moment between Pete and Tajimura is purely there for repeat watching - not many people would remember on a single watching. He is Bob - eager for fun - he wears a smile - everybody run. Another Lynch episode - this should be fun. Why are all the navy people bouncing balls? I am a lonely soul. He's alive. New shoes. Everybody's hurt inside. The sax player goes briefly insane. The giant returns. It is happening again. Poor Madeline. Poor Leland. In another time, another place he could have been a seer - a shaman priest. In our world he is a shoe salesman down among the shadows. The conversation between Harry and Pete about Josie reminded me of a moment from Lost Highway - this episode isn't directed by David Lynch, the direction is a very good match. Not a star in the sky. The last few steps are always the most difficult. They got the wrong man - they've found another body. Time for a food break. Albert's back. Another repeat watching nugget - white fox. You are on the path, you don't need to know where it leads, just follow. Andy Brennan is Stan Laurel. I'll catch you with my death bag - you my think I've gone insane - but I promise I will kill again. The Twin Peaks athon is going to have to go on hold - I've got to install Mum's PC. I hate installing Windows.