Saturday 21 August 1999


meta-date: 199908211157

Neck still hurts. I am going to my sister's this weekend - there may well be a big update on Sunday night. Was kinda depressed when I got back last night - a little time on the Net sorted that out. ICQ rules - a brief exchange of paranoid delusions about people I work with soon picked me up again. I don't know if I'll be able to keep this up in the car for long before getting travel sick. Chaz explained the "waffles" Russell's recipe that he put in the internal newsletter - I understand it now, it would be funny if it had been attributed to someone that had even the remotest chance of it happening to (well, mildly amusing anyway). Obsessing on fantasies again. I wish I wasn't so obsessive - I latch onto something and don't let go. Too hot to have the window up, and if I leave it down it blows my hair into my face. Lots of traffic today on the M25 - could be a long trip. Radio on - mildly amusing. Just realised that I haven't brought my coat. Can't buy anything - probably a good thing. I was very disappointed with the range of art books in Forbidden Planet yesterday - not a single decent coffee table book of dragon pictures - a couple of contenders, but either bad art or not enough pictures. How am I supposed to get across my vision in the tattoo parlour without some example art? I can't draw myself, so have to rely on the talent of others. There weren't many examples of non-oriental dragons in the tattoo magazines I bought either. A very funny picture of a guy that has the two Ronnies tattooed on his back - laugh? I nearly shat. Not something I want myself, but if he's happy with it then good luck to him. Half an hour to get to Kings Langley. Not good progress. Chaz suggested getting the ronnies tattooed on his bollocks - I think Rigsby and Miss Jones from Rising damp would suit him better - or perhaps Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally or Terry and June or Hinge and Bracket... lol - waiting in this traffic is driving me insane. More insane. It is far too hot. Stopped again. It'll be time to turn around and come back by the time we hit the M40. If we ever get that far. Police shoot past in the hard shoulder. I like the current Madonna track but don't know why. It has none of what I usually like in a track. When I like a chart track a fear comes over me. Chilled bone-deep. I wish it was a physical chill. I hate the heat. The sunlight burns. Almost up to the maximum size for an entry - start a new one before hitting the brick wall...