Tuesday 24 August 1999

Wiresso aimint crowont knicate expeculate.

meta-date: Tue Aug 24 22:01:00 1999

Another late night. Have been for something to eat instead of just drinking though. Could see the train pull out as I entered the station. Every half hour at this time of night. Not too long to wait. Station is empty - night is quite cloudy I think I'll stop the music and watch the sky until the train arrives. Things to do when I get back. Start a CD copy going - I've got four to copy - it will be much less boring if I leave it to copy unattended. Bloke has just sat next to me - no space to spread out for stargazing. Bollocks. This is one of those songs that says the things that I wish I could have thought of myself - I wish I didn't like this. This is not the way I picture me. Something about this so very wrong. Starting the chorus with a screamed "Goodbye" is a piece of genius. Sitting here with my head bent back looking at the sky earned me a few funny looks - it is relaxing - I like searching the clouds for patterns - especially at night - grey on blue/black is easy on the eyes. Different. Unique. Loner. Freak.