Saturday 14 August 1999


That wasn't bad at all. I have heard conflicting reports about how painful tattoos are - I now know that I can breeze through it. I'm gonna book a day off in early September so I can go back for a band. There was a really nice one with a wolf's head in the middle that I was looking at while I was in the chair - similar to the other one I was after except for the head. I'm glad I went for the one I chose - it looked pretty good on the page, but the guy doing it (Nutz) decided it needed some shading and improvised. It turned out a lot better. He thought so too - and took a photo for their gallery. It's a pity that it won't look as good on Monday, the first chance I'll get to show it off. It'll take about a month for it took look it's best - the shading is a bit sharp at the moment and needs time to soften out a bit. I'll dig out my web cam and take a picture after I have taken the dressing off.