Wednesday 18 August 1999


meta-date: 199908180731

Writing for the sake of it. It doesn't seem right to me to write just for the sake of it - but it often seems to help the flow start, so I do it anyway. Thought about getting a major tattoo on my back: how am I supposed to keep it clean and moisturised? Maybe I could charge people to see it - you can see it, but you have to apply moisturising cream to it afterwards... Clouds sailing through the sky. I wish I could join them. Coffee break over - back to the writing... I hate not having anywhere to rest my coffee on the train - I had some interesting thoughts while drinking, but they are gone now. The smell of burning rubber overcomes the faint smell of shit that permeated the air when I got on the train. I honestly don't know which is worse. Surrounded by industrial decay. Phone rings - diverts to answerphone. At some point they are bound to put repeaters in so that coverage is extended into the tunnels. Until then I am unreachable while underground. Not that it makes any difference - I hardly ever get called anyway... They are supposed to be upgrading the Thameslink line so that it can support more passengers - I bet it'll be fun when they start the building work... It'll probably be at least another year before they start any of that though... Will take a break to make a phone call soon...