Wednesday 25 August 1999

Ss expudete ssorts.

meta-date: Wed Aug 25 06:39:00 1999

Forgetful bugger that I am, I have forgotten my phone. It's on my leaning chest of drawers. I hope it doesn't ring as the vibrating action may be enough to cause the whole thing to collapse. Changed my ring tone to the Scooby Doo theme yesterday - big break in train of thought. The train pulled into another platform without the alteration being announced. A rush to platform 1 followed by a game of sardines as far as Kings Cross. Time to finish the thought I was in the middle of - I really liked my new ring, but everyone else thinks it's crap. Typical. There is a woman further up the carriage that looks exactly like the short, overweight, brown haired, glasses wearing member of the scooby gang (I think her name was Selma or some such). Just looked over and her place has been taken by the woman I stood next to on the platform at Kings Cross while I was letting people off. She is lovely. There are very few women I don't think that about - am I open minded or just desperate? My money is on the latter, doesn't matter anyway. Nothing does.