Tuesday 17 August 1999


meta-date: 199908170903

Dilemma. As I sit here watching Witchfinder General my mind is elsewhere. Uncertainty leads to inaction - my standard response. Scabs are starting to flake - not looking it's best today - will be healed soon. Vincent Price is divinely evil. A lot of pipe smoking in this film. They swim - the mark of satan is upon them. Wow - old man Steptoe as a horse seller. Children roast potatoes in the ashes of witches. How could anyone ever believe such atrocities could be committed for the greater good? Such has always been the way of organised religion - the inquisition, the crusades, witch hunts (numerous examples) - I have read the Malleus Maleficarum, the inquisitor's handbook on the powers and practices of witches. Written by a mysoginistic monk in the fifteenth century, it is the cause of the death of thousands of innocents. I have no problem with people having beliefs, but see no good in the organised religions and the way they force their beliefs on others. I should have picked a different film - I've not even got out of bed and I'm bitter already. At least the bastard got what was coming at the end. Not before ruining a few more lives in the process. The aerial in my TV is not plugged in - I have got a very snowy monochrome image of the Teletubbies with no sound. I think I'll get dressed now.