Friday 20 August 1999


meta-date: 199908201512

Last entry was the first I've done while walking. Easier than in a cab. Seat is warm, recently vacated. Train arrives - not mine. Shopping this morning - I was going to go yesterday but had to come in earlier than I was expecting. Would have been better if I hadn't gone - I think I ended up overcomplicating things. My train. My body clock is screwed - I just said this morning - it's half three in the afternoon! Happiness abounds. I wish some would rub off on me. By the time I got home this morning both my alarms had gone off - waking mum hours before she needed to be up. Too warm in this train. I want to hit something - feeling so frustrated today. Probably not a good idea to go out drinking tonight - will just get hammered and abusive. That probably won't stop me though. Need to relax. I'm gonna try some meditative techniques - bbl. That's better - it's amazing how a few minutes of internal silence can calm you down. I'm going down onto the underground now, so the calm probably won't last long. I'll take it as it comes.