Friday 27 August 1999

Imprerea tring wellire stolicenti ition.

meta-date: Fri Aug 27 22:58:00 1999

Am I real? I really wish I wasn't. I will probably make a trip in tomorrow purely to get my comics. I may try a few bookshops to see if they have any decent books with dragon art. Eyes too big for my stomach. Just bought a half chicken, bought a tin of Spam earlier. Haven't eaten either. I found myself singing in the office earlier. Not good. I don't think anyone noticed. Waking up beside you by Stabbing Westward. Top tune. Job's a good un. Nothing to give - nothing inside. Vacuum. Void. What do I have to offer? Mental corruption. There are some good health & safety warnings in Psyber Magick by Pete Carol. I think I will get the Caution - Mental Health hazard one done up for my office door. Dead. Might as well be. Nothing. Oblivion. Time for a break.