Saturday 28 August 1999

Indimea pection spattensely.

meta-date: Sat Aug 28 15:01:00 1999

Just bought a lead for connecting my palmtop to my phone. Dangerous. I may organise the diary so that I can update it from anywhere. Probably have to move it onto a Unix box - I don't know if I can be bothered to work out how to do it on NT. It's good working for an ISP - you get a choice of platforms for your site. It's a pity Mum's PC broke down and she had to hijack the PC I was going to co-locate :( I think I'll sit back and read the Big Book of Grimm - comic adaptations of fairy tales from the brothers Grimm in all their original gory glory. Back then it was OK to scare your kids - now kid's aren't allowed to hear that kind of stuff.