Friday 27 August 1999

Savordi tardispeck metry compres patrology.

meta-date: Fri Aug 27 23:45:00 1999

I say I feel better at the moment. That I feel up. So why am I sitting in the middle of a graveyard at nearly one am? I like it here. I am away from the bustle. There is no-one else around, I feel no urge to prove myself. No urges at all. Just peace. The stars are out tonight. The street lamps should be turning off soon, the view of the stars then should be amazing. Last track on the CD. I will sit here and enjoy the silence when it is over. Moonlight glisters through the trees. The church bell has just struck a lonesome one. I can't believe that I am sat here barefoot in the middle of the night. It is so peaceful, I don't want to leave, but I am tired and it will take about 45 mins to walk home. A barefoot walk across the lawn and then home. G'nite.