Saturday 14 August 1999

Damn good Coffee

Diane - meanderings on the Twin Peaks athon. Audrey is insane in the first couple of episodes - I hadn't noticed before. The world is a dark and dangerous place. With coffee and donuts all will be well. Don't forget the pie. Bob will catch you with his death bag. She's full of secrets and sometimes her arms bend back. The man from another place dances on. Diane - the funeral was a joke. With the fight and Leland Palmer falling on the coffin not to mention Albert nearly holding up the start. This must be where pies go when they die. Sheriff Truman can balance books at a glance. Three hours in and I have taken a short break to trim my moustache and beard - look a little less wild now (also gives the benefit of not getting in my mouth when I eat. Laura speaks to the recorder like I speak to my Palm. They shot Waldo. Hurting me. Bite the bullet baby. See you on the other side. You made me do it. Trout heading upstream. Au revoir Jaques. Didn't notice the bizarre hunchback tailor in one eyed jack's. That was a damn fine episode - more twists than a twisty turny thing. They need a double length episode next just to straighten things up... Aaah! A pint mug of steaming black joe - just what the doctor ordered. The giant comes. I believe that the giant is the dream soul of the old room service guy. The owls are not what they seem. Cat faced goddess. Everybody wins. It's not so bad as long as you can keep the fear from your mind. I would very much like to make love to a beautiful woman that I had genuine affection for. My sister has had another fight with Paul - we may be gaining a lodger for a while. Mares eat oats and does eat oat and little lambs eat ivy - a kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you? Another visit from Bob. Norma is one of those Lynchian characters that is bizarre due to being too normal. The hospital food subplot is is a stroke of genius. Albert laughing about Nadine is hilarious too. Lots of pie in this episode - must have been at least a half dozen flavours mentioned so far. Why do the sisters of a major character such as Donna not appear for so long? Get happy! Better to listen than talk. Diane - nearly a third of the way through now. I have just taken a break to clean my tattoo and apply a new coating of skin cream. No sign of any scab forming - just a soreness to indicate the healing process. I should probably get some sleep to help things along - but at the moment I am quite happy in my Twin Peaks athon. I may decide to end it at the end of the Laura Palmer case - or I may go on as far as Jean Renault or even as far as the black lodge. The grandson magician is a very cool character. Which one do we burn. Where does Jerry get all of his cool food? The smoked cheese pig is so cool that it hurts. The log lady. I am only going to last until the end of the Laura Palmer case. That is another six or seven episodes if I recall correctly - about half way. I am very, very tired. The first visit to the orchid house. Another of Laura's secrets. Meals on wheels. Are Maddy's visions of Bob indicative of abuse by her Uncle? Albert's path is a strange and difficult one. Dick Tremayne is an absolute arse. He used to flick matches at me. That's our man. I have just realised who James reminds me of - Ed from Northern Exposure. Without chemicals he points. Mike is released. Candy's dandy.