Monday 16 August 1999

Iron Horse

meta-date: 199908162229

Another day done & dusted, ripples from today will affect future events, but that is true of any day - really needed a drink, an unexpected meeting meant I couldn't get down there with Dan at five thirty - ended up going down at nine thirty with Paul, talked Lynch for a while and then parted. Headache. Again. Need food - have only eaten a chicken sandwich today - more days like that and I might even lose weight... Overall opinion of the tattoo was good - ranging from a surprised "that's actually quite nice" to a couple of "very cool"s, even one "I love it" - I didn't do it for the opinion of other people, but it is a nice bonus. The city is a symphony in grey (probably misquoted - sorry). Very true - I'm not a visual enough person to actually come up with it though... The cityscape from the train looks uglier at night - I've always enjoyed walking in the city at night though...

Bright darkness
Silent noise
Still motion
Dumb thought

I am sitting here trying to think when I became a miserable git. I think it was somewhere between the ages of twelve and thirteen. I can't remember being this way at First year camp at secondary school - I was definitely brooding at second year camp though - that's eleven to twelve years of habit to break - not easy - I could use some help, but that isn't likely until after it is done. Catch 22 - good film, I never read the book. So many books, so little time. Not hungry enough to finish my sandwich. I must have something wrong with me. So tired. Can hardly think. Will eat the other beef strip I bought and then give up on the food. I find these strips of uncured leather to be strangely appetising - another reason to fear me :) A starless sky over featureless ground. Sodium glow lights the way for iron horse. The road is empty and so am I. The ground is damp, but the rain is long gone. Take the night and wrap it around me. Eyes ache from constant phosphorescence - I need to get out more. Pale skin, never revealed. Empty carpark - one stop to go. Taxi? No, I shall walk. More time to think - do I really need it? Stop.