Friday 27 August 1999

Intervist kishark docured.

meta-date: Fri Aug 27 06:55:00 1999

Give me something pretty, I hope I'll never be, I'd rather be creepy, and very strange. Not sure what to write again. I am reading again, but not on the train - read a couple of chapters of Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson - that book seriously fucks with my head. I shouldn't read more than one chapter at a time as I don't take it all in. It is my intent to not to use the word 'is' or the verb 'to be' wherever an alternative exists. I don't think I can do this without doing a few more of the exercises in the book. Annihilation of the self. A worthy goal. The Tao is what remains when you subtract the universe from itself. The deconstruction - reconstruction of the self is something I have never been very good at. I need to go back to the early exercises of the Chaoetica. Focus slips. Fade to grey.