Saturday 21 August 1999


meta-date: 199908211314

Planes and helicopters pass overhead (to and from Heathrow) no traffic jams in the sky... Not unexpected ones anyway. Wearing my sandman t-shirt with Jill Thompson artwork. No-one else can draw delirium like she does. The delerium mini series that Neil Gaiman was supposed to be writing an age ago never materialised - I think Jill Thompson was going to do the art on it. I hate it when something I am looking forward to gets cancelled. 13:24 and we've hit the M40. At bloody last. I keep forgetting to look up the train details for getting from London to Hereford. I'm gonna need to make that trip in a couple of weeks... It will make a change to travel a different route on the train.

Blue sky
Little fluffy clouds
Death & disaster rule the news
What is the point?