Saturday 28 August 1999

Problanced frughes buttora accenteness sions.

meta-date: Sat Aug 28 10:08:00 1999

Dream diary:  I was getting a plane from Paddington (I'm not sure how, it isn't an airport...) to Germany, I ended up getting on the wrong one - somehow I was in the rear compartment with someone I knew (I can't remember who, I think it may have been Simon from University, but I'm not sure) - the rear compartment was depressurised and we kept getting blown about and had to hold onto the seats to stop from getting dragged out of the plane.  For some reason we stopped at Bedford (again a place with no airport). We got out and found that the plane was actually bound for the Seychelles - we went to leave the station and bumped into a woman in the foyer who seemed to have all of the travel brochures printed that year crammed into her bag.  We discussed flight plans and the reasoning behind them.