Monday 2 August 1999

Bloody Trains!

Bloody trains! "Due to an incident in London" the Thameslink trains are being diverted to St. Pancras. The city branch of the Northern line is out of action, so I'll have to take a diversion halfway across the city to get to work. Serves me right for thinking today was going well. I have managed to write all of this sitting on the train before it pulls out of the station - looks like it will be a looong trip...

Open a vein
Release the pain
A scar remains
Clarity regained
Until it happens again

Tracks without end
Another station - mind the gap
Children laughing
I hope they never feel this way
Start - Stop - Start
Lather, rinse, repeat
I move without moving
The music plays on
Nothing would change were I not here
Someone would have a seat
But nothing else
Soon I will be underground
Fighting against a human tide
An announcement comes
Another delay
It doesn't matter
I have nowhere else to be

I work, I sleep
I travel a route without sights
Always alone
Can anyone fill my emptiness?
Does anyone care?

All change please
A request that cannot be ignored
I need to change
But I am who I am
How do I change that?
Why should I need to?
I have no wish to change
But if I do not I will forever be alone

The rain falls
Blessed release
I wish I was out in it
Not cooped up in this metal shell