Thursday 5 August 1999


Another day done.  Scored 92% on Cisco sales exam without any training.   Today is a drier hot than most of the time recently.  I seem to mention the weather in almost every entry - what a boring bastard.

The train to London is packed this evening - no seats to be found.  I haven't done any decent poetry entries for a while.  Maybe I'm not feeling down enough at the moment - that won't last long.  I hate whining babies, I don't blame it for crying in this heat though...  Why can't I think of anything interesting to write?   Actually none of this has been interesting - I don't know why I bother...  It's something to fill the hours of emptiness - but what do I have to show at the end of it?   The ramblings of a sad git.  This site is actually getting quite a lot of hits recently... That won't last long though.

End of the line - going underground.