Wednesday 4 August 1999


Aah, a Slim Jim spicy beef strip...  or in other words a 90p dog chew.  Why is it so easy to hate what is different?

No future
No past
No escape
No hope

Beards are really impractical - I am forever chewing on mine when I eat.  The river looks really cool from up here - I wish I had the time to sit by it and just relax tonight.  I would find it hard to relax with the sound of traffic in the background though...

Traffic.  Trains.  There is too much manufactured bullshit.  I would love if I could walk to work, or ride a horse.  That would be cool.

My writing is crap tonight. I keep making mistakes and having to correct them.  I suppose that's what you get when you have a few pints before writing a journal entry...

Click, Clack
Sound Track

Don't know how to continue that one... Oh well.  I don't know what the inspiration for the current run of child abuse ads is - I guess they are putting good looking adults on the posters to say "Hey look!  Adults can be sexy too, you don't need to fuck kids!"  They should just string the lot of them up by the balls.  Sick fucks.

Maybe it's time for a new poll (seeing as noone voted in the last one) - do I scare you?  I find the comment from angecf earlier to be both amusing and frightening at the same time.  Mainly frightening, what if everyone feels that way?  Will I scare everyone away and be alone forever?

Other polls can be found here

Do I scare you?
Do I scare you?

You bore me

Current Results

The only reason I go on is because I believe that there must be something better - maybe there isn't, maybe this is as good as it gets.  Harsh.

Why is it that I always spill stuff if it has even the slightest chance of staining?   I now have a nice chocolate milkshake stain on m shirt.  At least it is late - I'll only be wearing it for another hour max.

Chocolate milkshake
Coffee splash
Chicken curry
Messy cunt

I have no will to go on.  I will leave this now and move on...

Time for a taxi.  Victor 93 - POB - lovely.