Sunday 8 August 1999


First reading. Question? Will my loneliness ease before the millennium?

Using Celtic cross layout and all cards. The deck is the vertigo tarot, with very cool Dave McKean artwork.

Significator: queen of swords (inv)
Crossing card: the fool
foundation: seven of pentacles (inv)
the past: four of cups (inv)
the crown: justice
the future: page of cups
emotions/feelings: two of wands
external influences: the empress (inv)
hopes/desires: the lovers (inv)
the outcome: the star

OK, now for the interpretation. The outcome it the star - this gives the reading an overall feeling of hope and openness. The significator indicates my current state of mind - the reversed queen of swords indicates emotional turmoil - she can also indicate someone cruel or manipulative, but this is at odds with the outcome card. The fool indicates following your own path, wildness - taking risks, in the crossing position this can indicate that I am unwilling to take chances and that I do not trust my instincts. The foundation is an indicator of why I came to the cards reversed the meaning of the seven of pentacles is holding back from commitment or hard work without reward. The past position indicates something that has passed or is passing from my life - it can indicate something that I need to let go of before I can move on. The four of cups indicates apathy, boredom, loss through inaction. Reversed it indicates taking action or making a decision, preventing loss - in this position it could be interpreted as the time to make a decision will soon pass - or that it may already be too late to move forward without loss. The crown is the bridge between past & future - it can indicate an issue being resolved or something happening now that has implications for the future. The justice card indicates honesty (especially honesty when looking at yourself) a passion for justice, or a fair outcome. Interpretation: being honest with myself will help me to achieve my objective. The future card is an indicator of things that will be important in the future - the page of cups indicates someone imaginative, dreamy and/or reflective. Spending time allowing feelings to flow into awareness without judgement. Emotions/feelings signifies my inner emotional and psychological state - the two of wands indicates control, power, focused will - the ability to act. External influences - the role of others in my life - indicates how others feel about me (or how I believe them to feel) it can also indicate how they feel about the issue being queried. The empress reversed indicates emotional distance, detachment or thinking something through. Hopes, ideals, desires - my hopes for the issue at hand - the image I hold internally of the outcome - the lovers reversed indicates difficulties in relationships, opposition between people. The need to rebel.

Wow - that took an hour and a half the film has just finished and all I saw were a few moments of nakedness & gore. It's amazing how there is relatively little flexibility in the overall meanings of the cards, yet they can still be made relevant. Some of those cards were scarily accurate. I hope the overall feeling of hope was accurate - they are only cards though - what can a rectangle of card know of my future?