Thursday 5 August 1999


Forgot to buy Kerrang! yesterday, so there's probably not going to be much in the way of updates today... I'll be reading K on the way in & this weeks new comics imports on the way back.

Offsite meeting today. I'm going to be really early I think, but I don't know for sure how long it will take to get there. If I am early I can always write another entry to pass the time :)

Wasn't that much in Kerrang! this week - the article about Charles Manson's influence on modern rock will probably be interesting, but I can't be bothered to read it now. Looks likes silence feeds my apathy. I have got to get a new discman. I think I'm going to just buy a new one - I'll get the other one repaired eventually - I could probably use it for a birthday present for someone in the family - saves it going to waste... Bugger - I've just remembered that it's Mum's birthday this month. Ignore me - it's not until October - I must be going insane (or more insane than I am already anyway...)

I hate sport. It's fun to play, sometimes anyway, but I have no interest in watching most sports - but it is impossible to get away from. According to the radio this morning the average wage for scottish professional footballers is \xa350M - wtf?

I am feeling terrible this morning - I had no problem getting up, but now I just want to curl up and go to sleep. The beginnings of a headache and the wet heat is back. Yay. Is there an opposite to an exclamation mark? I guess :( would fill that role online, but is there anything to imply that in RL? I find it hard to believe that written language has been around for so long and has not had a way of indicating sarcasm until the birth of the Internet. End of the line. TTFN