Tuesday 3 August 1999


Soundtrack is "Sleep no more" by Comsat Angels. Maybe if I forced myself to listen to cheerful chart music it would actually make me start feeling cheerful - I don't think I'll try as it is more likely to end with a violent act - if I were to kick my amplifier my widescreen TV will have to wait even longer (should have enough by next payday - unless I spend too much on crap - like I usually do)

Bored. I really hate trains. It is hot & humid again, I am sweating and have the beginnings of a headache. I'm only about half way to work - doesn't bode well...

The ESP feature of Sony Discman portable CD players is complete crap - I used to get far better uninterrupted playback on my Technics before the volume control broke - the Sony one has the benefit of an extra 2 years of R&D - well done Sony. It's only about 3 months old - I can't really justify getting a new one just because this one skips too much :(

Almost to London Bridge - enough time to get another coffee. Sorted.