Monday 2 August 1999

Train Catharsis

Back on the trains - hope they are working tonight - Slipknot providing the soundtrack.   Wait & Bleed is an amazing track.

Another project that was hanging over my head is nearing completion - that's enough about work though...

Fuzzy feeling
Drink inside
With Clarity comes pain
Too Soon

Another hot night.  We really need some rain to clear the air.

Conformity flows
A warm breeze through the night
No comfort in the darkness
Accept it and smile
As good as it gets

Here I stand
Paragon of mediocrity
An empty heart
No comfort
From impossible dreams
No chance in sight
No hope held
Forget me
If you ever even noticed

I really like you
Your place or mine?
Confused he awakes

Rhomboid peg
In a rectangular world
Close to fitting
But the angles are wrong

Enough peotry for now... Full stop.

King's Cross - more people boarding.  It was hot before, now it is becoming unbearable.  Why do I do this?  I must be a sucker for punishment.  No wonder I am alone - deep down I probably enjoy it.  An ache permeates my soul - I long for understanding, but expect none.  I am slipping into poetry, even in prose.   Do I do this because I enjoy it - or because I have recieved positive feedback and want more attention?  I don't much care either way.

Hunger is growing inside.  I should resist the urge to snack but do not know if I have the will.  I will be home in about half an hour - maybe the pangs will have eased by then.

Why must I be destructive when I drink?  Recently it has been self focused (apart from one noticable exception).  The only way I can see to avoid this is to give up drinking.  This would remove the only contact I have with the world - and remove the moments of waking oblivion where I can actually enjoy life.

In my mind they mock
In reality they don't even notice
It's just my twisted desire
For the attention of others

What can fill my emptiness?