Monday 9 August 1999


Even when I don't have to be up until late I get up anyway. Why am I doing this? Tarot reading yesterday said I need to be honest with myself - that was the original aim of this journal - write it down as I think it - no time to censor it, not even internally. Time for a little web browsing... Neverwinter nights has been announced - cool. Not going to be MMP, will have server mode and Linux versions though... Could be something different to offer on the gaming service at work - co-operative instead of competitive. I can almost see Dan's reaction now "Get that girly game away from my games server - why would anyone want to help each other when they can kill each other? And you have to think to play it - what's that all about - that's not good." Blue among the grey today. Hope it doesn't get too hot. Only eight and I'm bored already - I may go into work early, just for something to do...

Melancholy tinkling
Grates upon my nerves
Like rocksalt
On an open wound