Friday 6 August 1999


Dream.  A huge garden.  I am there, so are my sister, my nephew Luke and my mother.  It is blue sky overhead, but I don't remember it being particularly hot.   There is a building nearby that I run, but I don't remember ever seeing the outside of it.  There is a picnic table with a round green balloon floating over it.  It is not tethered, but does not float away.  I grab hold of it and it starts floating away with me hanging onto it. I float a long way down the garden and then the balloon pop and I fall to the ground.  It is dark and I am surrounded by toys.  I walk back to the end of the garden - I think it was a long way, but don't remember how long it took me to walk back.  I have staff waiting in the building for me, I stay outside for the moment though.  These staff may be fragments of a previous dream, incorporated into this one.   The green balloon has reappeared above the table.  Luke grabs it, but it doesn't have enough lift to float him more than a centimetre or so above the ground - it was able to lift me 5 feet from the ground - maybe it lifts more for people who weigh more.  I am stung on the leg by a wasp that gets caught in a crease in my jeans.  I go inside and am in a large pub, which I am the manager of.  My staff are here, 1 male, 2 female.  I don't remember their names or what they look like - I do remember that I fancy one of the female ones though.  I find it very difficult to talk to her and I think she gets the impression that I am ignoring her.  I pay them their wages with change from the till.  That's as much as I remember.