Monday 2 August 1999


Sitting in a graveyard listening to switchblade symphony (The Three Calamities) and drinking a hot hazlenut latte. Its times like this when I feel at peace. Nearly an hour before my doctors appointment. Time to relax...

Cold stone
Final rest
There will be peace
Forever and for us all

I will have to come back here at night when I can be alone. I hope they don't lock the gates.

I just remembered another fragment of a dream from last night:

I was on a ship looking over the railings - I told the person next to me that I could stand there looking down at the wake of the ship forever.

CD just ended - I feel like more of the same so I'll put Bread& Jam for Frances on...

My bag stinks of stale Guinness from last Friday night... I have got to stop smuggling drinks out for people when they can't manage to drink up before being kicked out.

Another hot day - at least there's aircon in my office...

A cold wind blows lightly
Across sweat soaked back
Shivers follow behind

Goddamn this is a good CD. Time to move on...