Monday 2 August 1999

Hmmm, time for a dream diary entry methinks...

Starts with me as an external observer watching a town using high tech bows and arrows (fire laser bolts) to repel an invasion by flying energy beings.  The energy beings begin to fly away, and I follow.  Once we are out of sight of the town the energy beings land and transform into a group of female warriors.  As they walk across the land they come across strange buildings which are built partly under ground.  They find a semi-detached house in the middle of a moor and decide to move in.  One of the amazons gets into and argument with the others, I think it is because she feels sorry for attacking the town earlier.  I can't remember how, but I enter the scene and start to try and save the one with a conscience (I am not sure what I am saving her from, but this is a dream and doesn't need to make sense).  After they kill me several times while making rescue attempts and I am mysteriously resurrected each time I finally make it to the door of the room where she is sleeping by shinning up the banister (there were no stairs for some reason).  I am just about to enter her room and try to convince her to leave when another door on the hallway opens and one of the amazons comes out and sees me.  Her war cries bring the others out and just before I am overwhelmed by their numbers I say "I am only trying to save her!" and suddenly they stop attacking me.  I think they saw me as some sort of religious figure who had come to save her soul.  That's when I woke up..

That one was bizarre even for me.

In darkness I am whole
The deep night soothes my pain
Wrap me in your black wings
Sweet darkness take me home